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Anticipating The Missions Trip

Here it is! Just four days until the big missions trip! I can only pray that the youth are looking forward to it as much as I am.

I think that most everything is in order. The transport is finally in place. We’re taking only one vehicle. That should help us as far as gas expenses. I haven’t seen the van we’re going to use. I sure hope it’s as “road-worthy” as I’ve been told. I don’t WANT to have to use my AAA card!

Speaking of AAA. I’ve got the route all plotted out: Trip Tiks! Since the North-Central Iowa flooding has subsided and the Interstates have reopened, we’ll not need to use that 110-mile detour that was in place. It’s a more-or-less direct route now, to Waterloo and then up into Minnesota, I wonder how much flood damage we will witness along the way.

I wonder what this next week will hold for those of us who are going? I can only recall what it was like two years ago, when we went to Milwaukee. Then, I had no idea what to expect. It was a totally new experience for all of us! This time we bring five “veterans” and four “rookies.” Even those new to the trip have the benefits of our past experience. Last time, it was all totally new.

One of the first shocks is the city itself; its physical size and the scope of the needs of its people. Some of us think the metro Quad Cities are large. Most of our youth have never spent a week immersed in a large city. (No, hotel vacation don’t count.) This is truly an eye-opening experience for “country kids” – if not for everyone. One of the main lessons, I think, that people learn on trips like these is that people are people wherever you go. All people have the same basic needs and the most basic of those needs is love. That’s really all we bring on these missions trips. Sure, we provide our time and labor, but all we really share this week is ourselves: our love.

As you pray for us this week, please pray that we are able to truly share Jesus on this trip. Pray for all the others who will also be ministering on this trip. There are five other churches bringing their young people for a total of 67 people. Pray that as we share ourselves with others we would also learn about ourselves. Pray that we would come to the end of ourselves and learn to draw love, strength and peace from God. Well, actually, the list of all that we need from God could go on, couldn’t it? Pray for that. Pray that, as we go to meet needs, our need for more of God may be met.

Thanks for your prayers. More later,

Pastor Clint

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