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Sometime near the end of September and the beginning of October, ten years ago, I began as pastor of Cable Community Church.  It doesn’t seem as if it is ten years past – already – and yet it has.  That old expression is both tried and true:  Time flies whilst you’re having fun.


Ten years ago many of the young adults that we’ve recently sent off to college were not yet in the church’s youth group.  Most of them weren’t yet into their teen years.  They were still young enough to attend our Vacation Bible School.  Over time, we’ve watched them grow up into notable young men and women.


Ten years back the church had yet to remodel the sanctuary and vestibule.  The 125th anniversary celebration was yet a few years off, and a new kitchen was merely a distant dream.  Through prayer and sweat, we’ve seen these dreams come true.


In the ten years past we’ve seen people come and watched others go from the midst of our church body.  To some we’ve waved goodbye and to others we’ve wept at their grave-side.  We’ve celebrated a good number of marriages, memberships and baptisms.  And birthdays.  Let’s not forget the memorable birthday celebrations that we’ve marked.  Over time, we’ve grown together as a church body.


God knows what the next years will bring.  More birthdays, more baptisms and, likely, more burials.  More children will grow up and go off to find their place in this world.  More dreams will come true as more prayers are answered.  And, Lord willing, we will all continue to grow closer together as a church body.


So thank you, church, for the past decade.  It’s been a grand time of growing together and in the Lord.  May God bless you all in the years ahead.


Praying for our future,


Pastor Clint

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