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Flood Follow-Up

This has been a weird year for weather in Cable, Illinois.  A very wet spring was followed by a dry summer, and now it seems we may be in for a wet fall.  This past weekend makes at least three (maybe four) times this year that Camp Creek has been out of it’s banks and over the road.  It was one of the worst rains and floods that I can recall over my ten years here at Cable.

unlikely trophyAfter Saturday’s Men’s Meeting, John and Deri went down to the church to make sure the sump-pumps were working.  It’s a good thing that they did!  The ground water level had risen to the extent that there was “negative pressure” running through our septic system.  To translate:  water was back-flowing through the toilets!  Those guys went and got a big pump with a three or four inch hose and began to drain the water out of the church basement.  At one point, water was standing four or five inches at places.

In the end, our new kitchen cabinets were saved!  The floor in the main fellowship area lost a half-dozen tiles, but those can be replaced.  This came at a cost, though.  Our guys spent all of Saturday and overnight into most of the day Sunday “manning the pumps.”  They deserve our most sincere thanks.

Come Monday morning, the road was open, the water was back within the banks of Camp Creek and basement carpets were outside air drying.  The men had gone home, presumably for much-needed sleep.  We dry out.  Life goes on.  Thanks again, guys.

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