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I’m writing this after just watching the debate between the candidates for Vice President.  To be completely honest with you, I am disappointed.  It seemed to me that each participant in that debate stuck closely to their “party line,” and neither was willing to risk straying too far from their message.

I would much rather have preferred the two contestants face each other over thumb-wrestling.  Really.  I’ve seen Jonathan and his girlfriend thumb-wrestle, and one can learn an awful lot from observing a good match of thumb-wrestling.  For example, who cheats?  Who whines?  Who gets flustered when the pressure is on?  

Yes.  A few rounds of good-old-fashioned thumb-wrestling would have gone a lot further with me as far as these debates go.  And let’s not limit it to just the VP candidates.  I’d like to see how the “big guns” do in a match-up.  After a couple of rounds, we’d really see what each of their personalities is like.

Somehow I don’t think I’m going to get my wish on the thumb-wrestling contests, so I guess that leaves me doing the hard work of researching the issues and discovering where each candidate stands on things that are important enough to sway my vote.  Yes.  I will be voting this November, as I have every four years since I was old enough.

I’m not saying you have to follow my lead in voting.  There are Christians who don’t believe in participating in government.  I can respect that belief.  I simply do not share it.  I was raised to pray for our government and our leaders and to participate in the democratic process.  So, I’ll figure out who I’m voting for before Nov. 4th, with or without the benefit of thumb-wrestling contests.

Speaking of elections, the church board elections are coming up November 2nd.  I would like to ask everyone reading this to please be in prayer for the search committee and for these elections.  The search committee does a fine job, but sometimes there just aren’t enough people who would agree to serve on the board.  That really is a shame for a church of our size.  I understand that there was once a time when it was enough to field a ballot with one name for each position (or sometimes each position having a name beside it with some of the names duplicated.)  Now this shouldn’t be the case.

Here’s my challenge.  Pray about it.  If you feel led of God to serve on the church board, and you meet the requirements as a member in good standing, ask either myself or one of the deacons about being on the ballot.  Likewise, should someone from the search committee ask you if you would serve, don’t simply say, “NO, thanks.”  Pray about it first, then respond as God leads you.

I would like to see at least two names for each of the positions on our ballot.  I understand that may not be practicable for all of our positions, but I’d like to see it for as many as possible.  And then, perhaps, at our annual meeting just before the voting, we can really get to know the candidates through a few good rounds of thumb-wrestling! 


Joining you in prayer for these elections,


Pastor Clint

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