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Lately I’ve been having something of an identity crisis.  I should probably explain, shouldn’t I?


PB Visa Gold Credit CardIn January I received the first after-Christmas credit card bill.  This year was to be different for us, as far as New Year’s credit card bills go, in that we had determined not to charge anything for Christmas.  Vi had even planned ahead last year and opened a Christmas Club Account at the Sherrard bank.  That gave us some actual cash to use for Christmas presents this past year!


So imagine my surprise when we opened up that particular, first-of-the-year billing statement and found an unusual charge listed thereupon.  It seems that my credit card had purchased something at a Krogers grocery store outside of Atlanta, Georgia.  Now, normally a $50.00 grocery bill would be something to celebrate in my house, but no one in my household had been in Atlanta over the holidays!  I haven’t been to that city in about thirty years!  Don’t you just hate it when your credit card takes trips and has fun without you?  I know I do.


So began my dark journey into “credit card disputation land.”  I called the Atlanta Krogers because I was advised to by my credit company.  They told me, in so many words, that there was nothing they could do about that charge, and my only recourse was to dispute the charge through my credit card company.  So I filed the claim, and didn’t hear anything for a long while.  I was beginning to wonder if I needed to call someone or re-file something.  Fortunately, I recently saw some movement on the case.


This past weekend we were traveling on a college visit for Jonathan.  At the hotel, I produced my trusty credit card for payment only to hear, “Sir, I’m sorry.  This card has been denied.”


I’ve never had that happen before.  For a moment, I was dazed and confused.  Images crossed my mind of the actor, Will Smith, in the movie, “Enemy Of The State.”  I couldn’t remember anyone that I had offended recently, of a high, official, governmental capacity.    Well, except for that one sermon a few weeks back.   Anyway, I produced a “back-up” credit card.  That one went through.  All was well.


We returned from that weekend, and a letter informed me what was the problem.  My card had been turned over to the company’s “fraud protection” division.  I was going to be issued a new number on a new card.  My current card was no longer valid.  Now, wouldn’t you think I’d have received the new card prior to the old one being invalidated?  So much for the “No Hassle” company.  As I type this, one week has passed.  I’m still waiting on that new card.


In related news… just the other day, I received a letter from my bank.  Somehow, in ways unknown to them – and they are the one’s you would think would know these things – my debit card information may have been compromised.  They are going to be sending me a new debit card.  My old card, which may or may not have been compromised – they don’t rightly know, will continue to operate until after the new card arrives and is activated.  I’ve got a pretty cool bank.  They do things like this in the proper order, so it seems.  “Performance…. again and again.” That’s their motto, whatever that’s supposed to mean.


So anyway, my financial identity may (or may not) have been compromised, and more than once at that!  I’m not certain what to make of it all.  I pray that these are the result of simple, random computer errors, and not some nefarious plot against my financial empire, such as it is.


Sierra del Escudo (Cruz)

It’s a good thing that I don’t find my identity in how much money I have in the bank or what I own.  In fact, the closer we get to Easter, the more I am reminded that I find my identity in the One who rose again on that first Easter morning.  As long as my eyes are on the cross, my faith is fixed on Christ and my hope is in the resurrection, I will never really have a true identity crisis.  I am His.  Bought at great price.  No computer mix-up or data compromise will ever change that.  Praise The Lord!


Praying you know Him and His unwavering love,


Pastor Clint


PS:  If you are ever in Sears and notice some stranger using my Sears card, would you please be sure to let me know about that?  Thanks so much.

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