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        … sigh… it all looks normal again… no more barn or desert trail… no stick horses galloping off into the sunset… just church again… and as Clint so aptly posted: “I want my sleep back”… sounds like postpartum depression, VBS style…

        But I doubt that it will be “just church again”. As I reflect on our week at the ranch, I can’t help but be excited for what’s to come next. We certainly had a bunch of fun… sang new songs… ate snacky-dacks… made cool crafts… acted silly (my favorite part)… played some awesome games… ate chocolate cream pie (oops, sorry… that was just me)… but to what end? For what purpose? What really happened that week? Was it just fun and games?

        Following Jesus is just about as exciting as it can get ! ! When a dozen or so kids raise their hands and declare that they want to follow Jesus ON THE FIRST DAY, you can bet your boots, the week made an eternal difference ! ! And growing in Christ is just as exciting… hard at times I’ll admit… but it’s an on going adventure ! And my question to you… are you along just for the ride, or are you willing to make an impact in the lives of the next generation?

        My thanks goes out to everyone who helped, behind the scenes as well as being at VBS . It was incredible to see God at work through the volunteers at VBS ! I know I probably shouldn’t be so amazed at how God does it year after year… but it is so AMAZING ! ! God mixed in some new blood this year and I praise Him for His faithfulness. Not many VBS directors have as much talented and willing help as we have here at Cable Church. It really is a community effort. When God’s body functions as it should, He moves to impact lives. You all made a difference…

        A special thanks to Pastor Clint and Buttercup… your fireside chats with Chet were a hit ! ! And my hat’s off to Katie… who jumped in to fill some pretty big shoes… and fill them she did, over flowingly! Carolynn was everywhere, doing everything with such willingness and with such a servant’s heart … thanks! Renzee is a Godsend when it comes to opening God’s word… and Sherry stepped up to the challenge when called upon (with rave reviews I should add). Jen, Liz, Jon and Rach were the odd couple squared, with hilarious results, never in a million years did I see that coming ! ! ! Teresa and her posse certainly just outdid themselves with the young stock… I can’t wait ot see the video of the country line dance ! ! ! Dinah and Anna worked wonders with the crafts… even with a switch at the last moment! ! Ben and Jon kept the ranch hands busy out side, you’ll two will probably never really understand what a blessing that is to me ! ! ! The puppet team and youth group are the most wonderful partners anyone could ask for ! ! Silly song with Vern just might become a regular segment! ! And Nancy, thanks for being there…, you took a back seat this year, but you blessed me so much… and kept my Dad out of trouble… kind of…! ! Gerri was a ray of sunshine each day and a blessing by helping to do whatever! Cecil and RD were a great help each day they came, getting the groups where they needed to be (and keeping tabs on the chuck wagon! ! !) John, Deri and Bill certainly deserve kudos for the fantastic (and quick to dismantle) set !

        A big thanks to those who worked behind the scenes… with the scenes… supplying the things we needed… praying… and coming to the closing program… you made the week what it was… but back to my question… what next ? How does God want to use you to impact the lives of the next generation ? He does. Are you willing ? Hang on… I don’t think it’s going to be “just church” any more ! !


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