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Lessons Learned

I’m just back from a Youth Group Missions Trip, so please forgive me but this is what is on my mind.  I thought I’d share some of the lessons from that trip here, while I still remember them, and with more detail than what was available in Sunday’s short review.


Lesson #1 :  Go With The Flow


We were given certain plans for our project, but on Monday those plans were changed.  Then on Tuesday morning it looked as if the plans were changed yet again.  We could have panicked.  The group could have become frustrated, but we waited.  We did what we could and waited until the rest sorted itself out.  And it did.  God seems to work things out that way, after we’ve had opportunity to learn to be patient.


Lesson #2 :  It’s Not Just The Kids One Should Watch After


No one wants to go on a trip like this and end up visiting the ER.  Who would have thought that it would be one of our adult leaders who would occasion such a visit?  I know that Michael and Shelby were the first two up that roofline, and I told them to watch getting too close to that carport.  I guess Katie didn’t get that message.  Thank God that she came down “right-side-up,” or things may have turned out a lot differently.  To those of you who prayed for the group’s safety on this trip, now you know why.  Thank you.


Lesson #3 :  Angels in Disguise


There were many blessings to be enumerated from this trip.  First, someone from our church sent “ice cream money” for the group.  We gleefully used it to have one of our evening devotions at the Dairy Queen.  Thank you.


Then there was the gentleman driving through the neighborhood handing out watermelon.  What a great gift to be distributing on such a hot day.  The next day a fellow from across the street came over with a case of Pepsi.  Another great gift to give a hard-working crew.


Then there were the neighborhood children who came to visit our work-site:  Cortez, Alex and his two sisters.  Their curious questions and attempts at helping made the day brighter.  Alex had been intently watching us from the very beginning, and when he finally ventured outside to interact with us, his first question was, “Which one of you went through the roof?”  What a character.


Finally, we were blessed to have Alex’s mother, Rachel, to serve as our interpreter.  None of us knew conversational Spanish, and we would have been lost trying to converse by ourselves with our resident, Maria.  Rachel helped us all by serving as our translator.  I hope she realizes what a blessing she was.


So you see, while our group went to Racine to bless others, we received blessings in so many ways.  That shouldn’t be a surprise.  God’s kingdom works that way.  One usually receives back more than they can give.  And even what one gives isn’t sourced within themselves.  It, too, is a gift from God.


Thanks for supporting your youth, and remember you can continue that support this month during VBS.


Praying with you for our youth,



Pastor Clint

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