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Echoes from the Big Top

The sounds of the calliope are but echoes in the air.  The tents are gone.  The clowns have moved on.  No doubt, the circus has left Cable Community Church.  Only memories remain.  But what memories those are!


As usual, it was hot during VBS week.  Those outside, playing games or marching on day one on our new sidewalk, were fully aware of what the weather people call the “heat index.”  Lots of rest-breaks and water required during the “clown car,” “ping-pong ball shootout” and “popcorn relay” games.  Despite the heat, it looked like they were having fun.


Inside “the tent,” the children learned Psalm 23 in their “Daily Dose of David,”  or “David Chronicles,”  (depending on who you ask.)  They learned about how our big God loves and accepts us, and about how we are a part of his big family; (that is to say, God’s big tent.)  There were also daily visits from two clowns, Big Moe and Curly, who taught the children that they don’t need to do or be anyone other than who they are for God to love them.  As they went down to “Bible time,” the children learned the daily verses from Psalm 23 and the week’s theme verse, which was from Philippians 4:19.  That verse reminds us that God will supply all we need according to His riches in the heavens.


Other activities inside “the tent” included crafts and the pre-school class.  In crafts, the children made “all-about-me” banners which were used in the daily circus parade.  That was certainly a sight to see!  Another outstanding craft was the “David’s rock” necklace.  The pre-schoolers took over two rooms in the basement and probably could have used two more rooms!  About half of our daily VBS attendance were pre-schoolers.  Many thanks to Teresa and her helpers.


There were officially three children who made a first-time decision for Jesus.  However, there were two days where children came forward for prayer, and on each of those days, many of the children had some need or other that brought them forward for prayer.  Seeing children respond to the Word of God and an invitation to prayer make all of the preparations and hard-work of that week worthwhile.


Finally, another big “Thank-You” to Vi and her VBS crew.  You all make a busy week go off without troubles.  Thank You, Cable Church, for your continued support of VBS.


Praying that the seeds planted in VBS week continue to flourish and grow,


Pastor Clint

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