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July Newsletter Article

It’s July, So That Must Mean… VBS!!!

I’ll be honest. I’ve been focusing so much on VBS lately that I really can’t think of anything else to write about for this month. From July 18th through the 22nd we will be visiting Gilligan’s Island as we all get “Ship Wrecked!” Don’t worry. I don’t expect any of the kids to drown. (Maybe an adult leader or two! Who knows?)

We begin VBS stranded on dry land on the island, but how, oh how do we get saved? Each day we will focus on one of the original cast members of Gilligan’s Island and see a character trait that they exhibit that might keep them from being saved. For example, the first day we will focus on The Skipper. Each child is encouraged to dress up like The Skipper on Monday. The Skipper is the group leader. He’s important. He’s very proud. What does the Bible say about pride? How does pride affect our relationship with God? Does pride help or hurt us when it comes to being saved?

Tuesday we look at The Professor. He’s a smart man. Is he smart enough to save himself or any of the other castaways? What does the Bible say about our wisdom? Does wisdom mean very much to God? What does God’s wisdom look like? What sort of “smarts” can save us?

Wednesday the focus is on Mr. & Mrs. Howell. They are rich. They have everything they could need. Can that sort of self-sufficiency buy their way to salvation? What does the Bible say about self-sufficiency and independence? Do those qualities save us?

Thursday we will turn to Ginger Grant. She’s famous. Everyone loves Ginger. Can her popularity earn her salvation? What does the Bible say about praise? Should we seek it from others or should we be offering praise where praise is due?

Finally Friday and – last but not least – Mary Ann. She’s such a nice girl. She’s a good girl. She does so many kind things for others. Surely Mary Ann’s kind heart will count for something towards salvation? What does the Bible say about our good works? Can we “do enough” to earn our salvation? If not, then what?

How does that sound for our VBS? Sounds good, I hope. It’s not too late to be a part of Bible School. If you have any time off during that week, see VI about being a helper. Maybe you like working “hands on” with the kids or maybe you’d rather help in the kitchen putting the snack trays together. There’s room for all types and temperaments of people. If you cannot otherwise participate, please be in prayer for VBS week. Pray for the staff, the children and the families of the children. Trust me when I say that a “little prayer” can go a long way.

If you have children coming to Bible School, you can pre-register them online. Point your web browser to http://www.cablechurch.com/v-b-s-registration/ Pre-registration helps us see what the class sizes might be, and helps up to prepare a little better for the first day.

Finally, the music. This year we’ve picked some exciting songs for VBS. If you use YouTube, then you can get an advance preview of the songs by listening to the playlist at : http://bit.ly/CCCVBS2016

Hope to see you the week of the 18th. Praying that your VBS experience is a great one!

Pastor Clint

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