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July Newsletter Article

It’s July, So That Must Mean… VBS!!! I’ll be honest. I’ve been focusing so much on VBS lately that I really can’t think of anything else to write about for this month. From July 18th through the 22nd… Read More


This year at Vacation Bible School, my wife and I did a series of skits called, “On The Road…” Most of these were stories of misadventures from our numerous travels. They ranged from the account of getting lost… Read More

Getting Older

Our kitchen curtains need replacing. My wife estimates that they are around twenty years old. She made them when we lived in Bloomington. They were fashioned from material used in a “Cowboy” VBS. They are “Western”-themed, with images… Read More

That Dynamic Duo

I took a trip recently down “memory lane” via that modern miracle called “YouTube.” There I watched Daryl Dragon (The Captain) working magic on his keyboard. He was attempting to coax laughter from his wife, Toni Tennille. The… Read More

Giving Thanks

Neither of us knew what to expect. Vi and I decided to return to the small, Canadian town that we had visited on our trip to Maine several years ago. I wanted to see how the July fire… Read More

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