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Phone Issues

Starting this afternoon, some changes are being made with the church phone service. While these upgrades are transitioning, you may be unable to call the church. Hopefully these issues will be resolved as quickly as possible and normal… Read More

No Audio

Due to a technical malfunction, there is no audio version of the Sunday, November 23, 2008 sermon.  The text file (.pdf version) is available here. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Site Update

Sometime on Monday morning (10/27/2008) this site will be undergoing a MAJOR update.  If you attempt to visit this site and receive some sort of error message, now you know why!  The solution is to not visit the… Read More

Podcasting? Really?

Yes! Really! Now you can subscribe to the sermons preached at Cable Church and listen to our “podcast” through your MP3 player of choice.  Just use this link (it’s also the link called “Sermons” in the side bar… Read More

Web Site Revisions

This web site is presently undergoing a major re-design.  Please check back soon to see all the great improvements.

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