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A Sign Of The Times

80 year old Cecilia Gimenez was only trying to help.  She’d watched the over 100 year old painting in her church suffer great deterioration.  As she told local Spanish television, she tried to restore the fresco, which she… Read More

Saying Goodbye

My dog, Shadow, is on his last leg.  He’s not long for this world.  His number is nearly up.   Shadow is, in part, a Lab, and these are known to have hip problems.  He has inherited this… Read More

Valentine’s Dinner

The Valentine’s Dinner is set for February 18th.  We will be going to the Garden Family Restaurant in Aledo.

Off To School Cookout

Everyone is invited to a cook out sponsored by the Youth Group on August 28th at 6:30 pm.   We will be celebrating the end-of-summer, back to school, and we will be having a special “send off” for our… Read More

No Church

Church for Sunday, December 12, 2010 is cancelled due to extreme weather conditions.  No morning services.  No evening youth group.  All practices for today are also cancelled.

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